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Group Bookings in Bunbury & South West

Accommodation for your Group is available at Wander Inn NOW!
Your Group of  People can stay in an ideal location of Bunbury for an economical rate.

Your groups accommodation at Wander Inn is only a few minutes walk to the beach and main street of the vibrant city of Bunbury.

Wander Inn Benefits & Facilities for your Group

  • Located 100m walk from the Bunbury beach & main street
  • Use Bunbury as your base when visiting the South West
  • Sports Gear – why not try beach cricket or volley ball
  • Shady Garden
  • BBQ Area – Free to use
  • Self Catering Kitchen
  • Lounge Room
  • Free Cake & Coffee at 6.30pm daily
  • Free Breakfast
  • 24 hour Internet kiosk
  • Laundry
  • Bed Linen Supplied
  • Movie Nights
  • Off Street Parking (depending on availability)
  • Chocolate Machine
  • Cool Drinks Machine
  • Pool Table
  • Basket Ball Hoop
  • Public Telephone
  • Free Tea & Coffee

Frequently Asked Questions about Group Bookings

Q.        What size group can you accommodate?
A.        Your group size can be up to 60 people, depending on availability.

Q.        Do I need to bring any bed linen?
A.        No. All your bed linen is supplied.

Q.        Will I need to bring my own towel?
A.        Yes. You can also hire a towel for $1.

Q.        Do the rooms have ensuites?
A.        No, there are clean share bathrooms.  Some for Girls & some for Guys.

Q.        Can the people in the group pay separately?
A.        Yes they can, but this will keep your group waiting longer to check in. It is quicker for the group if everyone pays one person in the group and that person attends reception.

Q.        Will it be safe for school groups and younger groups?
A.        Yes. All rooms comply with safety regulations. The front door is combination locked. CCTV 24hr security monitoring is in operation. There is no smoking in any of the rooms or common areas of the building. Unsociable behaviour is not tolerated.

Q.        How soon do I need  to confirm group numbers?
A.        By confirming group numbers as soon as possible, you have a better chance of securing your accommodation. Remember that there may be other groups also trying to book accommodation in Bunbury.

Q.        How do I confirm my groups booking?
A.        You will need to pay a deposit to confirm your booking.

Q.        What if some of the people in my group do not turn up?
A.        You will still have to pay for the number of beds that you originally wanted. We will however try to find other guests to fill the vacancies. You will therefore only be charged for the beds we can not fill.

Q.        What happens if someone in the group damages something?
A.        The group organiser will be responsible for immediate payment for any damage.

Q.        DO you have a bar serving alcohol?
A.        No.

Q.        Can we consume alcohol on the premises?
A.        Yes, you may bring alcohol onto the premises. Alcohol may only be consumed by those of legal age. Practitioners of unsociable behaviour will be immediately removed from the premises.

Q.        What does the free breakfast offer?
A.        Toast, Jam, & Vegemite.

Q.        Is there a BBQ for my group to use?
A.        Yes.

Q.        Can I prepare food in the kitchen for my group?
A.        Yes. Use of the kitchen is free. Please clean up any mess you make.

Telephone Wander Inn NOW to book your groups accommodation.

Free Call 1800 039 032 or (08) 9721 3242 (Within Australia Only)